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I put out a call on Instagram that I was looking for a couple. A filipino couple. I wasn't looking for anything in specific but when someone sent me a photo of Milan and Lorenzo I knew that these were the people I needed for this project. So we met for the first time at my studio and I gave them a long pitch on what I wanted to do with this project and I'm glad and forever grateful they agreed. 

The presentations began in the new year of 2020. I had invited anyone who would come to see my project at my studio. I projected it onto the wall and went through the 125 photos like a slideshow. Before and after the presentation I would give a brief on why I wanted to do all this and what I'd like for it to mean to people and what it means to me. I'm thankful for every single person that came. 

In a matter of three weeks the pandemic would happen and would put a stop to my in-person presentations. I would do a couple showings through zoom. 

Thank you to everyone who showed up. Forever grateful.  

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