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Most of my favourite photographs have a sense of vulnerability, comfortability and sentimentality attached to them. We always watch these interviews and documentaries of famous people going back to their old neighbourhoods, revisiting their childhood homes and schools. Reminiscing on their early days. When I watch those I can’t help but wonder who has those photographs of Obama in college. Or how many people Jay-Z shopped his mixtape to and had it handed back to him. How many times either of those two spoke their dreams out loud to people and were looked at as unrealistic.

This story of photographs are of my friends known musically as Don P & Eshxq. I’ve been privileged to get to know them, learn from them and work with them on their musical projects the past year and some change. I believe in these guys a lot. I wanted to capture them as much as I possibly could in these early stages of our friendships and journeys in what we’re striving for. These times are irreplaceable, exciting times. I don’t know where any of us will go with our lives, how far they’ll go with music, how far I’ll go with photography but what I do know is I believe. Truthfully it doesn’t matter to me if they don’t become the next Jay-Z or if I give up the camera. For me it’s about believing in them before they give me something to believe in. We don’t often tell each other these things until after we’ve done something of merit. But we’re not putting our belief in the dream. We’re putting it in the dreamer.


Isaac C. 

Don P. 

Layout Design: Donnel Garcia

Concept & Writing: Donnel Garcia

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